Raw materials

TOM2 Sp. z o.o. is one of the largest companies in Poland whose core business is the recycling of raw materials. The potential of the company and its technical and human resources enable the provision of comprehensive services to enterprises with regards to rational waste management. The offer is directed at industrial plants, commercial institutions, printing houses, waste recovery and landfilling facilities, public utility companies, companies dealing with the disposal of waste and involved in its separate collection, raw material collection centres.

The receipt of waste covers the following material groups:

  1. Raw materialsCardboard waste paper, newspaper waste paper, mixed waste paper.
  2. Plastic materials: polyethylene foil, PET packaging, Big-bag type packaging.
  3. Packaging cullet, tin plate packaging, aluminium packaging.

The method of the waste receipt is tailored to the individual requirements of the customers and takes place most frequently, using containers with capacities ranging between 5 m3 and 33 m3. We also offer the receipt of raw materials, using other heavy goods vehicles.

The raw materials are preliminarily processed at processing facilities located in the area of Western Poland, equipped with balers, with a monthly potential processing capacity of up to 7,000 tonnes. The packaging waste is subjected to the process of segregation into respective fractions as well as the baling process. The raw materials prepared in this way are delivered directly to recovery and recycling plants. The company takes over responsibility for the recycling of raw materials from the moment of their receipt till the moment of delivery to entities with the status of recycler.

The company cooperates with the largest paper mills, smelters and plastics processing plants located in the territory of Poland and Western Europe.


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