Manufacturing of reinforcements

TOM2 as a long-standing steel supplier, in response to the demand of its clients, started to produce reinforcements in the year 2007 in its own factory located in Szczecin at Pomorska Street. Modern computer-controlled machines, cutting lines, automatic machines for stirrups, double bending machines and bending tables enable the performance of construction reinforcements in accordance with your expectations.
The machine park owned by us ensures the high quality production of elements in any shapes, made of ribbed steel in diameters ranging between 6mm and 40 mm. We also offer the possibility of the production of spatial figures (3d) such as, baskets, piles and beams, based on technical documentation presented by the client. The production process is implemented using specialist software, which will ensure efficient logistics to you.

We provide comprehensive services both with regards to European construction projects and local investments.
Proven and experienced carriers ensure reliable logistic service.

The steel used for the production purposes in our production plant is provided with all the required certificates and approvals from the Road and Bridge Research Institute and Building Research Institute. Each batch of material that leaves our plant is provided with the necessary goods dispatched notes and metallurgical certificates.

The goods dispatched notes including attachments and provide details regarding the delivered batch of goods (both the production plan number and item), which facilitates the identification of steel at the construction site.

We boast a team of highly-specialised technical personnel who guarantee competent and reliable services.

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